British Columbia Branch

An "English Welcome" to Recent and Prospective Immigrants from Britain

A Special Welcome to Our New Members on Vancouver Island!


This is the start of a network of businesses and services that support and cater to the local Anglophiles and Ex-pat community.

For inexpensive but great nosh, try The Diner, 4556 West 10th Avenue opposite Safeway near UBC. Check for hours at 604-224-1912.

The following links and websites are suggested for more information and background on Vancouver and for items of interest to Anglophiles:


Royal Commonwealth Society, Mainland BC Branch

Welsh Society of Vancouver

Little Mountain Brass Band

British Columbia Genealogical Society

Royal Society of St. George in England

St. George's Society of Toronto

St. George of England Society of Alberta

Alberta St. George of England Society (in Edmonton)

Royal St. George's Society of Halifax

St. George's Society of New York

Royal Society of St. George in Australia

Monarchist League of Canada

Royal Commonwealth Society of Canada

Churchill Society of British Columbia

Vancouver Morris Men

Tiddley Cove Morris

For some interesting Expat British Stuff try:

The Telegraph
or you could try:

For general information on Vancouver try

And the local newspaper, the Vancouver Sun is at

Celtic Fest Vancouver:

UK Trade and Investment Canada:

The Website of the Royal Society of St. George can be found at:

Some great Brit links at Society of St. George, Toronto

St.George Soc. Toronto

Our sister society in Alberta St. George of England Society, Alberta.

St.George Soc. Alberta

The Monarchy website is at

For the Churchill Society, London

For the BBC try: what else?

Morris Dancing anyone? then try:
or perhaps...

Morris Dancing UK

For some good quality photographs around England try:

To start your Genealogical Search try the Mormon site at and also try the British 1901 census at - it has been heavily oversubscribed so expect problems.

Ever worked in the UK? then you should join the Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners at:

There's some good stuff on the Anglophile site at

and there's an interesting UK-Canada Immigration group which can be checked out at

Other Links


The British Canadian

Bard on the Beach

Emigrate Canada


Remember to submit your favourite (and most useful) sites for inclusion here and to let us know what you think of these sites