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An "English Welcome" to Recent and Prospective Immigrants from Britain

A Special Welcome to Our New Members on Vancouver Island!

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Vancouver Info

Information for Immigrants from the British Isles.

This part of our website is dedicated to providing information and helpful hints to new or prospective immigrants from the UK intending to settle in the Vancouver area. This program, we call the "English Welcome", is a friendly service by volunteer members of the Society who want to help you arrive safely and to acclimatise to this beautiful part of the world. If you are serious about immigrating to Canada then please read on. There are numerous source of general information to for prospective immigrants.
One we could recommend is the "Canada News" paper. Subscription information available at:
Outbound Newspapers, 1 Commercial Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 3XQ, UK. or by by calling 01323 649249.

The Immigration Process
Immigration to Canada is controlled by "Citizenship and Immigration Canada" or CIC They have an extensive website at which contains most of the information and forms required to start the process. Unfortunately the process of filling out the forms, getting the necessary back-up documents and avoiding damaging mistakes is not straight forward and many aspiring immigrants rely on an "immigration consultant" to help them wade through the paperwork for a fee. The St. Georges Society would like to help you work through this process on your own and suggest that if you do need assistance for a special case then you should use a lawyer specialising in immigration matters and who is registered as such.

Helpful Hints for New Immigrants
For a list of useful facts, hints and suggestions for the new immigrant to the Vancouver area go to Helpful Hints

Employment Help Network
The Society is developing a "Network" of members and friends who are willing and able to help newcomers from Britain find employment in their field. This project is at an early stage but shows promise. For most occupations and professions the most difficult part of the settling-in process is finding employment. The network of members and contacts is intended to help you find that all important first job. We have members experienced in many occupations, who are offering their services to help newcomers from Britain. If you would like to find out more then phone, fax or email Dan Brown at

Another advantage of using (and taking part in) this "network" and of joining the Society of St.George is the valuable and friendly contacts you develop with others in your position from the UK.

Employment Finding Sites
For general background the internet and local newspapers are a good source of information. The local newspaper is the Vancouver Sun at or the career finder site at Another general information site can be found at Then there are other more direct local job hunting sites like the one at UBC UBC/CSSA job site or BC Job finder.

Local Schools
If the education of your children is a concern, you will want an understanding of the school system in British Columbia. For more information click here Greater Vancouver Schools as a good place to start.

For more information or for specific inquiries, please email Dan Brown at

About Vancouver
We are all proud of this beautiful, vibrant city, "The jewel of Canada!" within the scenic paradise of the Province of British Columbia. We like to think that new immigrants from Britain will choose British Columbia when they have done their research on the best place to settle. We even offer a lighthearted comparison of our city with Toronto and Calgary at Vancouver's My Choice
For more information on Vancouver and its surroundings, the best place to start is through the internet and we have included a few links here including Tourism Vancouver
If you'd rather write or fax then try the:
Vancouver Tourist Information Center
Plaza Level,
200 Burrard Street.
Vancouver, BC.
V6C 3L6.

or talk to your travel agent or get in touch with us directly.
There is another good website for Vancouver at Vancouver web pages.
For local news there is the Vancouver Sun
then there are Government resources etc. The more detailed information required by hopeful and prospective immigrants needs more careful research, and our members are willing to help you get started, so contact us.